Relocating to the Swiss Rhine Valley

Relocation Support - individual packages for singles and families

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...we guide our clients through the entire process! Our support is as individual as your needs.

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 Personalised Relocation Support  

  • Support in English, German and French
  • Flat- or house hunting (renting or buying)
  • Translating and explaining the rental contract 
  • Flat handover  / rental furniture / Corona Support also during Quarantine
  • Local administration - registration at the town hall, school board, etc.
  • Support with: Banks, Health Insurance, diverse insurances, german courses, schools, childcare, etc.
  • Support with the transition from moving form private to public school (4 years experience as a member of the Buchs School Board.
  • Local Specialist-Network: lawyers, real estate agents, tax consultants, insurance companies, banks, etc.
  • Personal Consulting and Coaching for spouses.
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  • Spouse Coaching
  • ...and enjoy our local network we set up since 2006!

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Claudia Doron

The Challenge of a Trailing Spouse


Boxes are unpacked, partner at work, kids at school - now what ?


The moment has come to put your passion into action, but how?


Relocation is among the TOP-5 most stressful situations you can experience across a lifespan. Its more than physical exhaustion and logistics, it’s also about leaving places and loved once behind. You become invested, vulnerable and dependant. And certainly, do not mix up traveling with relocating!


TRAVELING is like an Appetizer

RELOCATION is like a pre-set 7 course menu, which is sometimes difficult to digest. 


Contact me for a Personal Coaching (also online) and organise a "date with yourself", or get together with some some friends and books a workshop und expect the unexpected.




A fun event in summer 2022 with 16 nationalities....see you next time!

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epm - empowering people in motion, supports companies and individuals to integrate their new working and living environment. Claudia Doron helps them to actively shape their new life situation, face challenges and master them through coaching, counselling and workshops.


epm is your establised partner for relocation and on-boarding processes and intercultural communication. epm brings employees and teams from different cultures together. The understanding of diversity and inclusion plays a very important role in this process, for all people concerned. Foreign employees and their families will be introduced to Swiss customs to ensure a successful integration, and locals will learn how to welcome foreign team members, and how to benefit from cultural differences.


A similar tailored approach is used for preparing international companies to integrate the Swiss business  platform, and for people planning to relocate to Switzerland.


Claudia Doron's extensive intercultural experience sets the tone for a sustainable implementation. Together with her, you will develop goals and network in your new environment, thus overcoming the first hurdles of everyday life and find individual solutions for your personal and professional development through consultation, coaching and training.




epm - empowering people in motion, unterstützt Unternehmen und Einzelpersonen, sich in Ihrem neuen Arbeits- und Wohnumfeld zu integrieren. Im Coaching, in Beratungsgesprächen und Workshops hilft Ihnen Claudia Doron, aktiv die neue Lebenssituation zu gestalten, Herausforderungen anzunehmen und zu meistern.


epm ist Ihr verlässlicher Partner für Relocation- und Onboarding-Prozesse, bringt Ihre MitarbeiterInnen aus verschiedenen Kulturen zusammen und entwickelt ein gemeinschaftliches Verständnis.

So geht die Teambildung im Business reibungslos von statten. 


Claudia Doron's interkulturelle Erfahrungen sind die Basis für nachhaltige Massnahmen. Gemeinsam mit ihr erarbeiten Sie Ziele und vernetzen sich in Ihrer neuen Umgebung. So bewältigen Sie die ersten Hürden des Alltags und finden individuelle Lösungen für Ihre Persönlichkeitsentwicklung.

HR Teams in the Rhine Valley

Consulting and supporting HR on relocating international specialists and their families, to make this costly process a success. We discuss and plan with the HR team, consider the important aspects of relocation, and what challenges will face the new employee. There are clear benefits to providing professional support to employees, so that they can focus on their new job from the very start, while their families are supported through these important initial stages of the relocation. We also discuss what the HR department can/should outsource, so that they can focus on the core processes of a relocation during recruitment. This not only alleviates their workload, but also ensures that that work does not interfere with their private lives. 


Individuelle Pakete für deutsch- und fremdsprachige Singles und Familien die spezielle auf die Bedürfnisse Ihrer Mitarbeiter zugeschnitten werden

Der Relocation Service von epm begleitet Ihre neuen MitarbeiterInnen sich im lokalen Team

willkommen zu fühlen. epm erarbeitet Lösungen, um die Übersiedlung problemlos durchzuführen

und übernimmt organisatorische Schritte bei Behörden, Versicherungen und Banken.


Dank jahrelanger Erfahrung weiss Claudia Doron um die Herausforderungen, in einem fremden Land Fuss zu fassen. So hilft sie gerne bei der Suche nach Schulen und Kindergärten, führt Familien mit lokalen Netzwerken zusammen. Alle Dienstleistungen werden individuell auf die Bedürfnisse Ihres Unternehmens und Ihrer künftigen MitarbeiterInnen und deren Familien abgestimmt.

  • Beratungsgespräche in Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch 
  • Wohnungs- und Haussuche zur Miete oder zum Kauf
  • Mietvertrag erklären und übersetzen 
  • Wohnungsübergabe  
  • Lokale Administration
  • Unterstützung bei Fragen rund um: Banken, Krankenkassen, Versicherungen, Deutschkurse, Schulen, Kinderbetreuung, Aktivitäten...
  • Netzwerk von lokalen Spezialisten: Treuhänder, Steuerberater, Anwälte, etc.
  • Persönliche Beratung und Coaching für Partner (Personal Coaching)

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