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Internationale Experience with a 360° view

Coaching - Werdenberg - Liechtenstein - Rheintal - Zürich - Chur
Claudia Doron - Coach

Claudia Doron grew up in the well-protected part of Switzerland. Through her global life she gained in the last 30 years extensive international management experience and competences acquired in Europe, the Middle East and North America. These include project management, consulting, training and development in the hospitality industry.


She is the Founder of “epm – global”  and is a Coach and a Relocation Consultant in CH & FL, active since 2006. She is not only an Expat-Expert but created also information platforms for newcomers, and created projects, organised events.(Events) and published her first book "Your Relocation" in summer 2021. 


She founded in 2010 the NPO “River of  Hope” and is active in DR Congo where the built the center "Tala Mosika" with her local team, They have over 330 students from 1st  to 12th grade with a football school, health center and much more.  She gives presentations and offers workshops.


Claudia is a Certified  Mindfulness Practitioner, Certified Trainer of "Points of You", Coach ECA and Hospitality Trainer. She offers a wide range of Workshops, Training, Consulting, Coaching and Support in Mindfulness & Intercultural Diversity for people on the move, companies and who ever wishes to be challenged, think out of the box or go new ways. 


Claudia is a Multipotentalite. Pragmatic, a troubleshooter, needs diversity and in chaos she is in full swing. Nevertheless she  is mindful in her actions and her approach are to the point "short & spicy"! (Press)

Grüezi & Hello - Coaching!

Dreams - Intentions - Goals = Agenda 2022

New Year's resolutions? That sounds like a deliberately planned frustration, because we probably do not take ourselves seriously when we proclaim, "From 1 January, I will ...".

Still, the beginning of a new year is always the perfect Launchpad to make improvements to our lives. Find out what you would like to take from 2021 into the new year and what is worth dropping. Analyze what you could dare to try out or to focus on in the new year? Book a chat now to find out more, or contact me by email right now!


Träume – Absichten – Ziele =  Agenda 2022

Vorsätze fürs neue Jahr? Das klingt nach vorsätzlich geplantem Frust, weil wir uns wohl selbst nicht mehr ernst nehmen, wenn wir verkünden, «Ab dem 1. Januar werde ich …».

Trotz allem sind wir motiviert, gewisse Dinge zu überdenken und neue Wege zu gehen, weil es ein guter Zeitpunkt ist.  Finde heraus was du vom Jahr 2021 ins neue Jahr mitnehmen und was du hinter dir lassen möchtest. Auf was möchtest du dich fokussieren oder in neuen Jahr ausprobieren? Buche ein unverbindliches Gespräch um mehr darüber herauszufinden oder kontaktiere mich bei Email.

My Motivation

Motivation comes from Latin "movere" and means "to move & drive". Often this driving force fails to achieve our professional and private goals, because of problems and repetitive patterns, that prevent us from focusing on the essentials in order to achieve our goals successfully. As a your coach and consultant I guide and support you on your way to acquire new energy and inspiration for your project and new path.

The key is being authentic

A dream came true....a trial lesson "realise your dreams"!

What's your dream?