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My clients since 2006 are...

...people on the move and wish to invite positive change!

"Empowering people in motion is my life's work—a journey dedicated to providing support, resources, and opportunities for individuals navigating life's biggest changes. Whether it's guiding expatriates through the challenges of relocation, empowering women in the midst of midlife transitions, or aiding a vulnerable community in DR Congo to empower them, allowing them to become self-sufficient.


Since 2006, I've been there for expats from all corners of the globe, offering a steady hand during one of life's most stressful experiences. Moving isn't just about packing boxes; it's about leaving behind familiar faces and places, facing uncertainty, and finding your footing in a new environment. It's a vulnerable time, and my goal is to make it a little easier. (Find out more)


In 2009, I expanded my reach to support women navigating the complexities of midlife reinvention. This stage isn't just about starting over; it's about embracing the wisdom and opportunities that come with age. From career shifts to personal growth, I'm here to empower women to embrace their journey with confidence and purpose. Women in midlife often feel the desire to reinvent themselves for various reasons, as this stage of life brings about unique challenges and opportunities. (Find out more)


And in 2010, I founded 'River of Hope,' a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering communities through education. Starting with nothing but a dream, we've created opportunities for over 500 students in DR Congo, providing access to education, healthcare, and more. It's proof that even the smallest actions can make a big difference. (Find out more)


At the heart of it all is the belief that everyone deserves the chance to thrive, no matter where life takes them. Empowering people in motion isn't just my job—it's my passion, my purpose, and my promise to make the world a little brighter, one person at a time."

In more detail:

Empower Expats and their Trailing Spouses on their Relocation Journey. 

  • Relocation is among the TOP-5 most stressful situations you can experience across a lifespan. Its more than physical exhaustion and logistics, it’s also about leaving places and loved once behind. You become invested, vulnerable and dependant. This process is extremely challenging for the spouses, certainly when the boxes are unpacked, partner is at work, and the kids at school comes the questions - now what? I coach spouses in this transitional phase so that they find out how they can put their passion into action!                                                          Find out more: Click   /   Book "Your Relocation" (2021)


Empower women 50+ who have the desire to write the next chapter but are unsure of how to approach the next phase of their lives.

  • There are so many reasons for a new beginning or a change in direction. No matter what, it requires courage, a positive attitude and sometimes someone that guides you through the journey. Sometimes a deeper search is required to gain inner peace and sometimes you need a positiv, inspiring and solution focused approach to take the next step. Find out more: Click 


Empower people to help themselves - Project in Congo

  • In 2010 I founded together with my Ex-husband Jake and my father the small non-profit association “River of Hope” registered in Switzerland. We kicked-off the project in Congo without a cent and 2 suitcases filled with 46kg of football material. Today we manage the Center "Tala Mosika" on 5 acres of land, we have a school (grade 1-12) and a football school. We planted over 800 trees and our center is solar powered. Our goal is to empower the locals to be the driving force of their own development, so that the investments and inputs will bring lasting improvementsFind out more: Click  /   Documentary Film "look beyond" coming out in 2023-Click

 Certain situations are challenging us,

and exceptional conditions require exceptional solutions.


I specialise in working with people who are on the move and invite positive change. No matter what you want to achieve...


Most important

Empower yourself first!


Analyse your current situation and state what you want to achieve.


Understand and overcome your limiting beliefs. 


Find out what stops you and what gives you anxieties.



Gain clarity of what you really want and

get the tools which help you to get there! 


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Why I love to compare my approach to the one of EAGLES?

Eagles have an accurate vision, and remain focused regardless of obstacles in order to succeed. 

Get clarity and set goals for what you want to achieve in your personal and professional life, so that your actions reflect your values. Unleash what is in you!


E.A.G.L.E.S Approach©


E - Empower yourself and the people around you. 

A - Authenticity - gain a better understanding of who you are and the life you want to live 

G - GPS - your inner self has to be activated, so that you can rely and trust yourself.

L - Learning and being coached is an ongoing process to achieve  your personal and business goals

E - Enjoy a new experience and see what happens when you step out of your comfort zone to go new ways.

S - Serendipity - is activating your luck - see potential opportunities, capture them and connect the dots. 

My Personal & Corporate Social Responsibility "River of Hope"

Claudia Doron hat 2010 den gemeinnützigen und steuerbefreiten Non-Profit Verein "River of Hope"gegründet. Dieser Verein unterstützt die lokale Bevölkerung mit dem Zentrum "Tala Mosika" in Selo, ausserhalb Kinshasa, DR Congo mit einem mikroökonomischen Ansatz und ermöglicht eine Zukunft mit Perspektive.


Claudia Doron über "River of Hope"


"Wir alle träumen von Frieden, Freiheit, Gleichheit, Gerechtigkeit und dem Ende von Hunger und Unwissenheit. Die Verwirklichung dieser Träume ist zum Teil möglich, aber wir können die Welt nicht über Nacht verändern. Machen Sie stattdessen kleine Schritte, einen Tag nach dem anderen und sind Sie ein Vorbild für die nächsten Generationen. Hoffnung schenken. Das macht River of Hope !

Claudia Doron founded the non-profit organisation "River of Hope" in 2010. This registered and tax exempted non-profit organization supports the local population with a microeconomic approach and enables then to build a future with perspective.




Claudia Doron on "River of Hope"


"We all dream of peace, freedom, equality, justice and the end of hunger and ignorance. The realization of these dreams is partly possible, but we cannot change the world overnight. Instead, take small steps, one day at a time, and set an example for future generations.


Give hope. River of Hope does just that!