You are the most important person in your life!


As a Holistic Life Coach, I support YOU 

to remove your road blocks

to get a clear view.


This clarity enables you to unleash your inner power.


With your personal road map you will achieve self-empowerment

to build the Life you want! 


Does this resonate with you?

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Start your personal challenge

jump-start your life & expect the unexpected

Coaching Pillars

Connect with yourself with compassion

  • Self Awareness and acceptance - Understand how your feeling of being stuck and your bottled up emotions, frustration and guilt not only make you unhappy and miserable but can also lead to physical stress on your body and cause pain. How is "Mind&Body" connected.
  • Connect with your inner-self: Learn different tools so you can regulate yourselves when feeling down, stressed or anxious. Unterstanding how your conscious and subconscious mind work.

Analyse & Heal

  • Limiting beliefs: What kind of limiting beliefs are hindering you to do what you wish to do? Find out the root cause and reframe your limiting beliefs, and why positive thinking alone is not enough.
  • Start to heal by forgiving and letting go. Understand what "to forgive" really means and how powerful "letting go" can be.

Visualise & Implement and follow your intuition

  • Step out of the Comfort zone: What do you needed to get out of the comfort zone and make that first step to start your journey.
  • Values: Understanding your personal values helps you live an authentic and fullfilling life. Learn how to identify them, and use them in the decision-making process.
  • Vision Map: At the end of our program you create your personal Road Map with all the insights you gained. It helps you to visualise your path so you can keep to reach your personal goals. 



Are you ready to shake things up

with a long lasting approach?


Arrange a discovery call with me.



Nice to meet you!

The duration of coaching depends on your personal focus. The number of appointments depends on the complexity of the topic and the desired result. There are issues that can be resolved in 1-2 sessions and other coaching processes take more time. It usually makes sense to meet live or online for over a certain period of time (2-10 appointments) weekly or bi-weekly.


After the first coaching session, we will agree what type of consulting or coaching is appropriate. You decide how long you want to work on your topic.


Over the last 12 years I have acquired a wide range of methods. It has been shown that the most important thing is a trusting and empathetic relationship between coachee and coach.


Therefore, I suggest that you arrange a personal meeting to get to know me. 


Contact me 

A change in directions requires courage, a positive attitude and sometimes someone that guides you through the journey with different tools, excercises a workbook, roadmap and homework.

I am a certified Holistic Life Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner. For personal Coaching's I am active in the Swiss Rhine Valley and in Givat Olga, Israel - Online Worldwide!

  • Points of You Coach & Trainer
  • Holistic Body and Mind Coach (TMS)
  • Mindfulness 
  • Ho'oponopono
  • Reiki 1 & 2

What do you gain?

...when you achieve your goal.

  • Through Self-Awareness & Compassion you become more resilient to stress and you will enjoy your inner calm. 
  • Life-Satisfaction increases your Mental Health - Body & Mind. 
  • You become more Successful and Happy in what you do because you learn how to focus on your set goals.  
  • You will be able to help yourself. At the end of this program you will know  many different tools which you can use on a daily basis or when ever needed.

What are we working with:

  • Breathing
  • Grounding
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Ho'oponopono
  • Mindfulness
  • Road Map / Vision Map / Manifestation
  • A variety of exercises/activities & homework

My motivation

Motivation comes from the Latin word "movere" which means "to move & drive". My motivation is to keep on challenging myself by doing things I have never done before, with the basic trust that everything will turn out well. I learned throughout the years different techniques related to Body & Mind that help me regulate myself when things get tough. I know for a fact that it's all within me, and that if I wish to feel better, I have to look inside off me and not try to change the outside world.


There are moments when I get stuck and have doubts like everyone else. In these moments it's time to have a deep look inside of me with compassion, and find out what was the trigger that caused my inner child to take over control and sabotage my own development.


Today I can help myself most of the time because I have the tools. And don't forget, if a new challenge comes along its ok to ask for help. We continuously grow, learn and become happier and compassionate with ourselves, and failing helps us to grow.


Claudia, my mind is full of little windows that have been popping open all day, showing glimpses of intriguing paths to be followed, and it started when I met you - thank you 🌹🌹🌹 - Helen -


Claudia you are so professional and a unique champion worth every moment and every second to be listening and doing work together with you  - Dganit Rimshon


Thank you,  enjoyed the workshop today. Very inspiring and I learnt a lot about how I need to change the way I look at myself. Was wonderful meeting you ❤ - Judy -


Thank you Claudia!   I see that I need to make a bigger commitment to get to know myself. thanks for  hosting "a date with ourselves. Thanks for getting me unSTUCK,  thanks. - Liz -


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