Is Relocation on the table?

With over 30 years’ of international business and life experience, Claudia has enjoyed guiding and empowering people on the move since over 15 years. Using a wide variety of coaching and training methods she integrates her experience in various sectors. 


In her life she has gained so many practical experiences and always had to find new and extraordinary solutions, that she started her own business as a relocation consultant and coach in 2006.  With empathy, numerous personal and professional experiences and with the acquired skills, I supported 100s individuals and families in their adventure.


How can I help you?

Relocation with all its facets...

There are so many reasons to relocate...


..and dreams must be lived

while you have the energy to do so!" 


You might be somewhere between 18+ and 80+ and about to relocate for your love, next career move, realising a dream, change in scenery or you simply wish to spend your retirement elsewhere?


Careful, do not mix up traveling with relocating.

TRAVELING is like an Appetizer - RELOCATION is like a pre-set 7 course menu, which is sometimes difficult to digest. 


It will be more than packing up your house, checklists and flight itinerary. It’s facing culture shock, change in lifestyle, getting out of your comfort zone, learning a new language and adapt to frugality. If you move with your family, it  might be challenging for your spouse who might have given up the career and has to re-invent herself or your kids which need to be prepared for a new life.


Fact is: Relocation is among the TOP-5 most stressful situations you can experience across a lifespan. It's more than physical exhaustion and logistics, it’s also about leaving places and loved once behind. You become invested, vulnerable and dependant.


...but head over heals? Thats's a bad advice!


It is important to make the right considerations and these vary according to your personality and stage of life you are in. Having the necessary cash in your pocket makes it more comfortable but everyone needs to bridge the gap between expectations and desperation.


Give me a call as long as you are still in your own and safe environment, or during your relocation and we look what kind of support you need for a smooth journey. Which program fits you?


"Kick-off" Session - 2 hours

Relocation is on the table, but you have still to many open questions and worries how it affects your career, spouse and kids? Let's talk and we find out 


"Clarity Session" - 2 hours

Let's have a look at your relocation plans, and make sure you have all your ducks in a row. I will provide you with my pda-checklist which is divided up in to 3parts (pre-during and after your move)!


"Feel good program" - 6 Session

Depending on the phase of your life, you need to deal with different topics during your relocation. You choose what is important to you. Each Session is 2 hours 

  • Hotline - 3 weeks -  which is active one week before, during and after your relocation. 
  • Family Session: How to tackle this relocation project as a family
  • Kids/Teens: Session where they can express their fears, concerns and ask questions.
  • Third Culture Kids - how can you enjoy multilingualism and a multicultural and the importance of their roots.  
  • Spouse - boxes unpacked, partner at work and kids at school - now what? Let's define your new identity as the person who holds it all together. Find your place and le's see how you can re-invent yourself and make the best out of this exiting journey in a foreign country.
  • Couple: Everything has suddenly changed, the job or maybe the fact that one of you can't work. The foreign language and culture which is new to you might be an additional stress factor. As a result that the relationship might change between you. We see together what approach you could adopt to prevent aggravations, make new plans and enjoy the journey abroad together.
  • Long-distance relationships   


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Was im Fernsehen so einfach aussieht, muss in der Realität lange Zeit geplant werden. Claudia Doron aus Buchs hat im Laufe ihrer Karriere mehr als 40 verschiedenen Nationen geholfen, sich in Liechtenstein und der Region zurechtzufinden. Welche Schwierigkeiten dabei auftauchen, das erzählt sie uns im Sonntagsgespräch.äch%20Auswandern.mp3

What is the book "Your Relocation" all about!
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