Thank you!



Yves Rocher "Trophée des femmes"           

Award for the project in Congo. Big thanks to my wonderful Swiss and Congolese team!

Award "Goldener Enzian"                                                    For the integration platform I created together with my team in our region Werdenberg.

Auszeichnung für das Engagement. 

Claudia Doron wurde für ihren Einsatz in Kongo geehrt und freut sich ebenfalls, jetzt zum «Club der Bratwurstorden-Träger» zu gehören. 

Opening Boarding House in Buchs/SG

Claudia ist während der Pre-Opening / Opening Phase zum Boarding House ( in Buchs/SG im 2020 als Hospitality Project Manager zu uns gestossen. Mit Ihrer Erfahrung im Bereich Hotel- Projekt- und Eröffnung Management brachte Sie Ihre Erfahrung gekonnt ein und arbeitetet professionell, unkompliziert und mit viel Engagement und Herzblut bis nach der Eröffnung mit der den verschiedenen Partnern und Lieferanten zusammen. Das BOHO ist ein gelungenes Projekt! Danke für die super Zusammenarbeit! Hat echt Spaß gemacht!

Peter Ritsch, b-smart, Head of Sales and Services 

Dr.Mayra Markies, Braintalent GmbH

"Claudia Doron from Doron Coaching in Buchs did great work coaching me in setting-up my own company BRAINTALENT GmbH. Her extensive experience, creative and solution-oriented coaching and consulting, and wide local network, helped me to turn my dream into reality. BRAINTALENT is focussed on offering schools learning material for gifted and talented children, as well as coaching / training parents and teachers of gifted children by offering workshops, trainings and so on.”

A.L. aus Vaduz

"Als Klientin von meinem Coach Claudia Doron durfte ich eine wunderschöne und interessante Erfahrung über mich selbst machen. Ich habe erkannt dass alles bei mir beginnt und bei mir endet d.h. ich trage meinen Schlüssel mit mir selbst herum. Es liegt an mir die eigene Lösungstür zu öffnen. Durch die professionelle Begleitung und Führung meines Coachs ist es mir gelungen, meine eigenen Mauern zu durchbrechen, bisherige negative Verhaltensmuster zu heilen, Blockaden aufzulösen und tief verborgene Emotionen anzuerkennen und auszudrücken.

Meine  Lebensqualität hat sich seither positiv verändert und die Erkenntnis über mich selbst erlaubt mir zu meinen Gefühlen zu stehen, meine Ideale zu leben und meinen Werten treu zu bleiben. Ein grosses Dankeschön an C.Doron, meinen Coach".

Claudia, my mind is full of little windows that have been popping open all day, showing glimpses of intriguing paths to be followed, and it started when I met you - thank you 🌹🌹🌹 - Helen -

Claudia you are so professional and a unique champion worth every moment and every second to be listening and doing work together with you

Dganit Rimshon

Thank you,  enjoyed the workshop today. Very inspiring and I learnt a lot about how I need to change the way I look at myself. Was wonderful meeting you ❤ - Judy -

Thank you Claudia!   I see that I need to make a bigger commitment to get to know myself. thanks for  hosting "a date with ourselves. Thanks for getting me unSTUCK,  thanks.

Liz from Israel

Book "Your Relocation" on Amazon.

Congratulation Claudia - what can I say? JUST LOVE IT ...`cos it's such a wonderful read. I was reminded to my journey to Ireland where I lived for 6,5 years. Yes, i missed out on some things Claudia discribes. Anyway, it rises also gratitude for the experiences I made. This book is just fantastic and highly recommend. My appreciation for sharing your experience and expertise in such a lovely way with us.

Bärbel Pankoke, Germany


Congratulations!! I wish I had something like this before I made an international move. Well done!

Beverly Tengström, Sweden

Book "look beyond" on Amazon

This is the ‘life story’ of an extraordinary woman. How does a person become ‘not ordinary’? In Claudia Doron’s case, it means leading a life which most of us would not have the courage or imagination to contemplate. Claudia’s story encompasses three generations of one single family. She has stepped outside the confines of a secure and routine life in Switzerland.  She is driven by an inner force and a vision of life that appears to have no bounds.


Her sense of adventure has driven her to unexpected destinations all over the world. She has worked at the Hotel Waldorf=Astoria, she has lived and loved in Israel and has even managed to open a school in Congo for children who might otherwise have never known the power of education – or football! 


Her secret? It’s simple – diversity in life gives her the kick, and she beliefs that there is no problem which cannot be overcome in this life given a bit of determination and willpower. 

Her adventures have often left her family and friends open-mouthed and gasping for breath. But in the end, they too are drawn into the unfolding story of Claudia Doron’s insatiable desire for adventure. When you read this book, you may even be tempted to think that her own daughter has gone one step further than her own mother.


But I doubt whether Claudia’s story is finished. I would not be overly surprised to learn that she has bought a ticket for the first passenger trip to Mars.


Richard Walmsley, Author of "Dancing to the Pizza"

Homage by Marga Cretton - April 2018
Homage to Claudia Doron - A lesson in hu
Adobe Acrobat Document 58.9 KB

Moving countries can be stressful and challenging, especially when trying to organize things at your destination. Now, add to that, BREXIT, a global pandemic with travel restrictions and no German language skills, and I had the ingredients for a relocation nightmare… That’s if I didn’t have Claudia Doron of epm (empower people in motion) as my Relocation Agent. 

Hilti, my employer introduced me to Claudia at the start of my relocation from the UK to Switzerland. She is friendly, an excellent communicator, and is passionate about what she does. It shows in her approach to every task she undertakes including, her speed of response to questions. Connecting remotely over WhatsApp, she found me a great apartment that met all my criteria, supported my quarantine plans (including internet, rental furniture, and groceries), my registration at the town hall, and provided me with contacts for my health insurance and banking needs, from the amazing network she’s built with reputable local businesses. Thank you, Claudia, for making my relocation very smooth and easy.

O.Esu, UK

Claudia has supported us with our relocation from Malaysia to Switzerland. Besides the ongoing pandemic, travel restrictions and the difficulties for us as a family with young children, the relocation went very smoothly thanks to Claudia and her amazing team. Thank you

Christian Swoboda, Hilti

"Moving is difficult regardless but if it is to a new country with different culture, language, and social setup the task is definitely uphill! But thanks to Claudia I felt welcome in this new city! Her nice and professional way of helping with a great personal touch makes you feel Home away from Home. She helped me with visiting the city, finding an apartment, managing all the bureaucratical tasks (which are more tedious than usual due to language barrier) and giving me some very interesting tips on habits and life in Buchs and Rhine Valley in general. This helped me in having a smooth and more-relaxed settlement ...I strongly recommend her as your guide, friend and Sherpa in this part of the world!!

Vinay. V. from India

“I am very thankful to Claudia and Elena for the tremendous support and professional approach into easing the relocation to Switzerland for me and my family. They are very knowledgeable, efficient and well-connected! I recommend them to all expats interested in relocating to the beautiful Rhine Valley, to be rest assured that everything will go smooth and easy!”

Simona Chaminska, Mazedonia

Dear Claudia,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for you professional and kind work during my relocation from Italy to Switzerland this year.

In those turbulent times with COVID- 19 spread and the world being stopped in quarantine it has been a real comfort  to have a relocation partner like you!I found it very easy to connect with you, fun to work with and always reliable.  


This is my third global relocation and I must say the best so far. I got the perfect apartment, aligned with my requirement and wish list. The “paper work” with the municipality, bank and insurance was done fast, organized and with minimum effort from my side. On top of that I got a lot of information for the social and cultural life in Switzerland and tips for the life in the city I will be living in.  Many thanks and stay safe!

Nikoleta Georgieva, Italy/Bulgaria

Dear Claudia - thank you again for your kind help. The additional basic support for spouses that you offered me was extremely helpful and constructive. It's a nice feeling to get this kind of support in a foreign country. It would have been much more difficult without you. So, thank you again and keep in touch! 

Best regards, Aida from Romania

Simon Müller, Deutschland

"Sehr geehrte Frau Doron, gerne bedanke ich mich an dieser Stelle ausdrücklich bei Ihnen für die kompetente Unterstützung sowie die gute Organisation meines Umzuges in die schöne Schweiz! Ohne Sie wäre das alles deutlich schwieriger verlaufen, Ihre Hilfestellung sowie die nützlichen Informationen haben aber dafür gesorgt, dass einige Hürden von Vornherein umschifft werden konnten. Daher kann ich diese Hilfestellung wärmstens weiterempfehlen und verbleibe mit freundlichen Grüßen, Simon Müller"

Martin from Slovakia

Claudia greatly helped my family and me to move and settle down in Switzerland. Her profound knowledge of all the requirements shortened the time for our preparation abroad. Without her, it would have been extremely difficult to arrange all the necessary meetings with offices and landlords. We would like to thank Claudia once again for her kind support! We truly recommend her services to any newcomer to Switzerland. We appreciate you kind support! Thank you! Martin and family, Slovakia

Arti from India

I am Sriram's wife, Arthi and do want to mention that Claudio Doron has been a huge help to us. From finding an apartment, recommending shopping places, to the extent that she even came with me to Migros to walk me through Swiss lifestyle and even gave an introduction to different types of cheeses :)

She is always prompt in responding to my questions whether it was regarding Residency Permit, Billag, Internet connection, Banking process,Telephone etc. 

In a timespan of 6 weeks, we are completely settled in Buchs and all thanks to her. She is very kind and goes above and beyond to help in any way possible. 

Mr Suzuki from Japan

She had a lot of hospitality to set up all necessary paper work ( citizenship registrations , house , bank , insurance , etc. ) and living ( shopping , custom & culture, restaurant , daily staff ) .

Without her support I could not start living in Switzerland so smoothly and satisfactory. I surely recommend her for all newcomers as their new mother in Switzerland.

Family Lebedenko, Russia

With a great pleasure we have written the feedback, which you'll find below:

It is going without any doubts that the relocation process is not  easy. You have to find a place to live, pass different bureaucracy steps, solve a problem with furniture and so on.

And as soon as you are not local and you probably don't even speak German, all these topics can became a nightmare! But... But with the help of Mrs Claudia Doron, you don't have to think where to go, what to do etc. You are not alone in Switzerland anymore. Just ask Claudia - she will always help!

Claudia has saved a lot of our time, nerves and money. It is not necessary to provide any examples - her advices are always very valuable!

We appreciate very much strong and versatile support from Claudia. And we are very happy that now we've got a real friend here!

Thanks and best wishes to Claudia 

Paolo from Italy

I just want to express my gratitude and satisfaction to Mrs Claudia Doron and to Censeo Relocation for the great support I've been offered during my search for a new flat in the St Gallen area.

Please let me underline the extremely professional and friendly attitude of  Mrs Doron, which I've much appreciated. I've been particularly delighted by her ability to immediately understand my needs and by her  day-by-day support. I would definitely recommend Mrs Doron and Censeo to anyone needing professional help for relocating.

Sybille Flaig-Fischer, Deutschland

Vor 10 Jahren sind mein Mann und ich mit 3 Teenagern von Deutschland nach USA umgesiedelt ein grosses Abenteuer, das wir nie bereut haben....

In 2011 nun wurden wir mit einem weiteren Abenteuer konfrontiert: einer neuen beruflichen Herausforderung fuer meinen Mann in Liechtenstein! Die Entscheidung, diesen Schritt zu wagen, war nicht ganz einfach, vor allem, weil unsere inzwischen erwachsenen Kinder in den USA bleiben werden. Gluecklicherweise kamen wir mit Claudia Doron von Censeo Relocation in Kontakt und mit ihrer nternationalen Plattform Roots . Fuer uns war es sehr wichtig und hilfreich in der letztendlichen Entscheidungsfindung, Zugang zu diesen Informationsquellen und eine Ansprechpartnerin zu haben, v.a. auch, weil wir ja in den USA waren und nicht direkt vor Ort. Die bietet wertvolle Informationen und Einblicke in alle nur denkbaren Aspekte der Integration in ein neues Lebensumfeld. Dies machte es bedeutend einfacher fuer uns, eine Entscheidung guten Gewissens fuer den Umzug ins malerische Rheintal zu treffen. Im Oktober 2011 sind wir nun in eine schoene Wohnung in Grabs eingezogen, und wir freuen uns auf das neue Jahr in unserer neuen Heimat.

Sara Mobarhan, Iran

I arrived in Buchs on November 25th and a few days to organize everything to start my new life. As a foreigner who has problem communicating in German and could not be less familiar with rules, regulations and lifestyle in Switzerland, I was really worried about how to get registered in the community centre? How and where to get insured? How to buy furniture and bring them home? How to pay the bills, and a lot more question marks all before starting my new job…

The first thing I did the day after my arrival was meeting Claudia Doron, thanks to her ,in just two days every thing I needed to organize was efficiently done, Besides I moved to my new flat which was found by the help of Acv and I couldn't be happier with that choice!

You might be able to do all those alone but I am not sure if you can save enough energy to focus on your main activities like the new job you may start! Ask Claudia for their service and buy yourself time, relief, a god start and knowledge about your new life.

Now every time I run into Claudia in the street I know a problem will be solved, thanks to her I never felt lonely from the first moments of my arrival.  

Trine & Troy, Australia

Only 72 hours on Swiss soil & we had been in & out of appointments every day since touchdown.

Our heads spinning, we were feeling very much like part of a Salvador Dali painting and resorted to laughter as a means of sanity as we frequently felt like we were chasing our tails, (the past 5 weeks in Australia had prepared us well).  As we achieve one step, another began..........within 8 days of arriving in Switzerland you must register in the local canton (state/territory) & inform them that you are here with the intention of living permanently.  Once securing a potential permanent address, you can obtain an offer for health insurance which you require to begin our residency permit applications.  In order to finalize an apartment contract you need to obtain house insurance....all of which you require a bank account & in order to open a bank account you need to hold a residency permit.

Needless to say, with all the procedures & formalities above, we would not have kept our heads above water without the support & assistance of Claudia at acv-relocation solutions who was (..and is) our Guardian Angel.  Prior to arrival we considered ourselves reasonably organized having read ‘Living & Working in Switzerland’ & learning some basic German, none of which really prepared us at all for the discrepancies between German & Swiss German along with the multitude of regulations & requirements we had a head of us.

Leaving a life that you take for granted & arriving in a new Country is an enormous step for anyone.  I personally felt like I had lost everything that I had worked so hard for, including my independence & that starting from scratch was almost like learning to walk again. 

With questions as absurd as “where in the world do I get the special local garbage bags from”, Claudia’s guidance, support & confidence was second to none & at no stage did she make me feel that my questions & enquiries were as ridiculous as indeed they were.