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Kick-off your career in Switzerland.

  • Manage your job search – Tools
  • How to prepare a successful application dossier
  • The application process – Tips to write a Swiss CV and how to apply in Switzerland
  • How and where to get your certificates approved
  • Job interviews: before you apply – during the job interview & follow up

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Foreign Qualifications

Recognition of Foreign Qualifications (INFO)

In today’s working world, a premium is placed on the mobility of workers and businesses. For many professional activities, official recognition of foreign qualifications is important and even necessary. 


During this course, the experts at STARTUPS.CH will take you through all the basics and address the most important topics you will need to consider when setting up a company.


Start-up Courses in Zürich and Lucern in English (Info)


Founding your own company or NPO? Contact acv in Buchs for a full  support Kurt Giger & Team



"BEYOND" WORKSHOPS         for individuals and companies

We all have the power within to make successful changes in our lives, push aside reoccurring patterns, cross that bridge, and look beyond what slows us down. But how can you unleash your inner power? I strongly believe in sharing our passion for mindfulness to increase individual wellbeing, and aim to inspire you. 


We help companies, executives and individuals go beyond reoccurring patterns, and challenge them to dance at their own rhythm and with their unique style by focusing on developing strengths rather than digging in weaknesses. 

There are no limits - plenty of wonderful unexpected discoveries to be made, experiences to be felt, and goals to be achieved.


Further Information

Women Network

Women - Networking (Events for English speakers in the area are coming up - contact me if you are interested, and I invite you in person. (CONTACT)

BPW  - Business Professional Women develops the professional, business and leadership potential of women on all levels through advocacy, mentoring, networking, skill building and economic empowerment programs and projects around the world. "Business and Professional Women Mission Statement"