Super Markets

Food Shopping on Sunday

For a good cause

With our purchase you help the kids to get an education. For more information: 

Impression "Youtube"

Birthday Calendar (timeless) for CHF 15.-

Key chain in form of a heart for CHF 5.-


Furniture & Co.


Furniture (great deals) Shop is between Buchs and Haag - with delivery


Niki's Möbel

Furniture - shop is between Buchs and Sevelen


MasaeHandmade children's clothes and accessories

You are looking for a personalized gift for a birth, a birthday or just to please ! 

Come and discover Masae's universe ! 

Original and useful accessories, comfortable clothes with neat finishes, unique and colorful decorations...

Each Masae creation is sewn in Masae's workshop, at home by Cecile Larini... with passion, with all her heart.

Wether small series or customized orders.Come and discover Masae's universe :

Flower picking

You find all over self-service flower fields. In Buchs, im Rietli, next to the bird park and between Buchs and Grabs you see flower fields where you can pick your own flowers and put the money in the box. 24/7!!


Marketing Buchs

is updating you about all Events in Buchs


Flea-Market in Buchs


From the farm


Christmas Market

  • on the the Marketplace at the lake Werdenberg


Spring Market, Buchs

  • on Bahnhofstrasse in May 


Räfiser-Lädeli, Buchsbring the cloth, shoes, Skis, to the Räfiser Lädli in Buchs and they sell it for you - about 50% for you, depends what it is. Make sure everything is clean and and in a good condition. In February you can bring in Summer stuff and in September what ever you have for the winter. See schedule and time: (INFO) 


Klamotti-Börse, Buchs

Online - 2nd hand

Fresh Milk

directly from the Fegerenho farm in Buchs. Bring your own bottle - you pay 2.-/liter…/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x479b302d…