School System

Canton St.Gallen

System in Kanton (pdf)


Public school is free and compulsory for all children. When you register in the town hall, you register at the same time your children at the school-board. They will inform you in which school building you children need to go. Lunch table is offered in all communities, but they are all organised in the different way.


Official Website - Public School, Canton St.Gallen


2 years of kindergarten starting with the age of 4


6 years of primary-school and your grades decide if you enter Real- (basic level) or Sekundarschule (higher Level)


3 years of Real- or Sekundarschule


in the 2nd- or 3rd year the students can try to make an entry exam for Matura (highschool)


about 80% of all students make an apprenticeship, more infos see under here


 "Vocational Training"


start working at the age of 15 or 16? read more


Public schools are preparing students very well for this big step, and parents are informed.


Vocational and Career Center in Buchs gives free access for more information, offers workshops and 1:1 Coaching's. INFO

German Courses

Lern German - it helps you to integrate in Switzerland


Migros Klubschule, Buchs


BZB, Buchs


Playhouse, Buchs


ABC - Buchs

Private Schools