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Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service

The first and at the same time very important step to a legal employer-employee relationship in your household is to sign up your cleaner at the old age and survivors’ insurance (AHV). We explain why you have to register your cleaner at the AHV and what must be considered. Further Infos

If you don't want to go through all this paper work, use a cleaning company like: 


Ironing, washing and sewing service, and if you need, we do your cleaning. Ironing pick-up and delivery every Monday and Thursday after 6 pm Contact: Larisa Gstöhl +423 792 60 19, (WEB) 


Babysitter (INFO)      

Tagesfamilien Buchs          


Susi Crescenti 081 599 19 74               E-Mail:


Familienzentrum Grabs:            Sibylle Good   079 546 09 42

Gams - Haag:                           Marianne Schmitt 079 909 76 30


Babysitter Course for Teenagers!!


participants have to be at least 13 years old (INFO)

Sewing Studio


A new beginning in a foreign country

…my name is Claudia Doron and I am a Relocation Consultant and certified Coach since 10 years in the Rhine Valley Region & Liechtenstein. 


Since I work with International companies and their Expats, it’s clear to me that spouses are key to a successful relocation process for the entire family. Expats don’t just move here alone, they often travel along with their highly qualified partners, and their professional prospects are equally important to language courses and childcare.


A new beginning requires courage, a positive attitude and a team that guides them in their journey. During the initial orientation session, we help the client to reach their desired goals and make them benefit from our field-tested expertise and local network. Contact Claudia Doron @ 


Relocation Support is for people who have moved to Werdenberg and surrounding regions in the Rhine Valley. Since 2006 I have supported newcomers from over 35 nations from  to find important information when settling down. Being informed is the best way to integrate, and feel at home away from home! I am looking forward to support you each step of the way.

For Information contact Claudia Doron directly

Tax Consulting

Tax - Consulting in Buchs

K.Giger, 081 750 58 50

Legal Advice

Legal Advice (free service) 

Offered on specific days by the town hall. you can find all times and dates here. (I suggest to take translator with you, since not all of the lawyers speak English)

Religious Service

Christian (English Service)

Intern. Bible Fellowship, Buchs

Catholic Church, Buchs

Protestant Church, Buchs 

FEG Buchs


Jewish Service, St.Gallen

Swissjews Information



Islamic community, Buchs



Hindi in Switzerland

Hindi Temple Switzerland



Buddhist Centers Switzerland


Women Network

Women - Networking (Events for English speakers in the area are coming up - contact me if you are interested, and I invite you in person. (CONTACT)


BPW  - Business Professional Women develops the professional, business and leadership potential of women on all levels through advocacy, mentoring, networking, skill building and economic empowerment programs and projects around the world. "Business and Professional Women Mission Statement"

Real Estate

Real Estate Consulting


Start-up Consulting, Buchs and Financial Consulting