Guided Journaling

Why guided Journaling? 

Guided journaling is a unique form of writing that centers around a particular subject. It provides you with a clear structure to examine yourself and your current circumstances, encourages personal development, and enhances emotional well-being. This practice encourages you to pause and to reflect, inviting you to dive into your thoughts, emotions, and life experiences. My series of journals are here to embrace your journey; celebrating the highs, navigating the lows, and capturing personal moments that hold deep significance.


What can I do if I become stuck on one of the topics?

To begin with, journaling involves jotting down your thoughts and feelings onto a piece of paper, aiding in clearer understanding. Moreover, if you're grappling with stress, depression, or anxiety, maintaining a journal can prove to be a valuable approach. It has the potential to assist you in managing your emotions effectively. In the case of limiting beliefs acting as obstacles, going deeper into their origins could be beneficial.


Where can I get help when I get stuck?

I am a Holistic Empowerment Coach since 2010, dedicated to helping you break free from inner barriers, gain clarity, and unlock your inner power. By fostering a connection between your body and mind, I empower you to embrace your full potential. I offer diverse workshops and coaching sessions tailored for people in motion and women in midlife, a time of incredible transformation.


Connect & Exchange Platform....coming soon (contact me and I keep you informed)

Connect & Exchange serves as a platform for individuals who wish to engage in discussions around specific topics and share insights and personal experiences. By becoming a part of our community, you gain the opportunity to observe diverse approaches to various situations, finding inspiration and a sense of beloging, reassuring you that you're not navigating through challenges alone.

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Retirement - a new beginning - Issue 1 -



What is this Journal all about?

It's a thoughtful companion on your journey into retirement. This journal is a space for you to celebrate your accomplishments, explore new horizons, and reflect on the meaningful moments that shaped your life. As you embark on this new chapter, use these pages to capture your experiences, dreams, and aspirations. Includes an ABC-Reitrement Checklist.

Embracing Grand-motherhood - Issue 2

on Amazon - February 2024


What is this Journal all about?

In every mom's life, there's a cherished dream of becoming a grandma. Discover the unique role, joys, and challenges of grandmotherhood. This journal invites you to reflect on memories, share wisdom, and create a lasting legacy. It's more than blank pages; it's an inspiring space to dream, adapt, and treasure your journey as a grandma. Join the celebration of connections that span generations and embrace grand-motherhood.

Coming soon... including workshops

The New Year Challenge - Issue 2

What is this Journal all about? New Year's resolutions? That sounds like a deliberately planned frustration, because we probably do not take ourselves seriously when we proclaim, "From 1 January, I will ...".

Still, the beginning of a new year is always the perfect launchpad to make improvements to our lives. This Journal is a personal space to explore your aspirations and progress. Through consistent journaling, you'll be able to witness your growth and celebrate your achievements as you work towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Empower Yourself - Issue 3

What is this Journal all about?

It's a powerful tool designed to guide you on a transformative journey towards self-empowerment, self-discovery, and personal growth. This journal is more than just a collection of blank pages; it's a comprehensive resource infused with prompts, exercises, and insights crafted to help you unleash your inner potential and create a life that aligns with your true desires and aspirations.

Navigating Chaos to Clarity - Issue 5

What is this Journal all about?

It's a companion for your transformative journey from chaos to clarity. Life is a dynamic and an ever-changing tapestry, often characterised by periods of uncertainty and disorder. Within these pages, you will explore the process of embracing chaos, seeking understanding, and ultimately finding the clarity that resides within. Through introspection, reflection, and intentional action, you will uncover insights that guide you towards a more purposeful and harmonious existence.