Connect with the Magic of Serendipity  and experience the unexpected....


Entrepreneurs speak often very lively and with passion about their business ideas, but less so when they speak with a fixed mindset about their daily business routine. Managers wish to have a professional, motivated and active thinking team, but this can't happen if stress, strict planing to the smallest detail, daily hectic and concerns push away spontaneity.


We stop enjoying the unexpected because it often provokes anxiety and creates more stress instead of seeing an opportunity for a change or something new in it. 


Invest in you and your team and empower your biggest stakeholders - your success depends on how successful each member of your your team is after all. Give them the right tools to think out of the box and make them go the extra mile for you. Give them the possibility to be an active member of the change which starts with a first step - take it, and see what will happen.




"Serendipity - "Activate your Luck" 

Change the way you see  - where you go - how you act!


Ready to give it a chance? 

  • Learn on how you can activate  your inner GPS and learn how to rely on it.
  • Switch on your "Serendipity Antenna", see potential opportunities, capture them & connect the dots.
  • Look at your failures and crises and find ways on how to turn them into opportunities.
  • Find out what beliefs block you from making a change and free yourself from it.
  • Practice slowing down and finding inner peace so that new ideas and opportunities get to the surface.
  • Master Time Management & Work-Life Balance - for a smarter, not harder way of life.
  • Act out of the ordinary at work, in your home office or at home - start now!



This workshop will expose you to a solution-focused approach, were you learn to activate your inner power, go new ways, and discover the unexpected. It frees you and your team from the usual thinking patterns, and allows you to go new ways, change perspective and get different point of views.



Contact me for to find out more about personal Coaching and the Workshop.


Speak you you soon!



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