When the Jam Session meets Serendipity

for start-ups and self-employed professionals:

Ideas come and go all the time, but the unique ones appear when we least expect them. Our daily concerns often push away that spontaneity. Making space to immerse ourselves into an environment that stimulates our creativity is key.


The session is intended for you, the self-employed, start-upper, looking to grow an idea, or simply get inspired. Jam with others from different worlds, backgrounds, and share ideas, offer suggestions, ask questions, receive unexpected suggestions, discover new directions.


Participants have the opportunity to present/introduce a concept, concern, idea etc… and receive feedback from other professionals who are at that very moment stepping away from their own world and diving-in with you in your own universe.

  • 4-5 people present actively (spectators do not present their project but might to join to give feedback, inputs....)
  • each one gets a time slot
  • As the moderator I will put all the ideas and inputs which are popping up on your personal map - for you to take home.
  • Duration 2.5 hours