New Year Challenge

This workshop will be a date with yourself...step into the New Year

Inspirational Workshop....

New Year's resolutions? That sounds like a deliberately planned frustration, because we probably do not take ourselves seriously when we proclaim, "From January 1,  I will ...".


Still, the beginning of a New Year is always the perfect launchpad to make improvements to our lives. You might stand at a cross road, or need a change in direction. There are so many reasons for a new beginning. No matter what, it requires courage, a positive attitude and sometimes someone that guides you through the journey with a positive, inspiring and solution focused approach! 


The trigger for a change is you, and since life is a journey it always starts with a first step which you have already taken by contacting me – so let’s take the next step together.


  • Find out what you would like to take from the current year into the new year and what is worth dropping.
  • Find out which limiting beliefs are stopping  you from doing what you wanna do.
  • Find out who you need to forgive or let go in order to next steps.
  • Analyse what you could dare to try out or to focus on in the year to come.

In this engaging workshop you get lots of tipps and different exercises to start or continue your journey.


When - How - What

  • no time slots left! -  until 18. December, 2022
  • 3. January - 2 March, 2023
  • Duration depends on the size of the group:  2 - 3 hours
  • Participants: min. 4 (you can also create your own group)
  • Investment: NIS 150.- / CHF 50.-/Person 
  • Incl. worksheet, drinks and snacks


Afterwards join the online program!



If you like to continue your journey with me, I offer you Online Coaching Program, where we also create your personal Road Map.


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What do you need?

As a certified "Points of You - Trainer" we use the “Points of You” Cards which offers infinite points of views.


With this process you see things from a new angle, focus on insights relevant to you. By going through the process, unexpected opportunities “pop up on your radar”, opportunities become choices and you move your life to the next level. This is the kick to your backside, which moves you out of your stuck place and go new ways. Sign-up and dive into this new experience.