Workshop with Points of You®

For people operating in developing countries

This workshop is designed for people with a project in developing countries. The aim is to improve communication and to better understand the daily issues of your local team. 

What are the challenges of operating in developing countries? And the most important question is how do we instill hope in them become partners in their own development. 


Our native teams have…

…deeply rooted ethnical traditions & unique strong religious beliefs 

…a slower pace of time and simpler life style “we have the watches – they have the time”

…their own way of expressing themselves through their specific language and gestures


Our role is to find out how we can…

… best offer them our help without creating dependency.

… understand their needs from their perspective.

… encourage them to take action on these needs in their own way and not ours.

… get them to trust that we are offering well-intentioned help.

… motivate them to discover their own resources.


These are profound questions to answer from a US/THEM perspective. 

In order to motivate and empower our local partners, and make sure they are not only spectators, we need to give them the tools to communicate with us on the same eye-level, and make them see that their experience and know-how is important for success. With the creative coaching tool Points of You® and a solution-focused approach, we can inspire and encourage them to activate their inner power, go new ways, and discover the unexpected. The process is suitable where words are not enough to describe something concrete, where one doesn’t get any further by talking only, or when you need a new perspective and a different point of view is required. It frees you from the usual patterns of thinking, and allows you to go new ways.

There is magic in this - there is communication and partnership in this - there will be certainly be success. 


We are here to empower them and assist them to help themselves.


Workshops, Coaching & Training offered worldwide – in person or online! 


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