Writing a book during COVID-19

Corona is for many reasons hard on me as well. From one day to another it put my private and professional life on hold. When I recovered more or less from the shock, that I can't move forward as planned, I decided to fully focus on my book projects, since stagnation is not my portion. After all, something good has to come out of it!

I try to make the best out of it and move with my Mac Book...from the kitchen....to the living room and up to my outdoor office in the forest. Collect branches to make beautiful arrangements at home and try to enjoy what I have, with the hope that we are soon back to normal. 

Look Beyond

Love across borders, seen through the eyes of three generations of women. (A true story)

Claudia  is reflecting and sharing the story with her mother and daughter - three generations of women in the same  family and how they tackle the challenges when love transcends national borders. This is a story of the impact other cultures and other tongues had on their lives.  While perspectives have changed over the generations, all three of them nurture their own hopes and dreams as they contemplate their respective futures.

Your Relocation

bridging the gab between expectations and desperation

Claudia is a Relocation Consultant a since 15 years. "Satisfaction grows when you tackle challenges in the present."


Who should read this book? 

This book is for people who are considering to move abroad. It can be a dream,  a career move, for love, or…

When should you read this book. Well, I suggest that if this is your first relocation, you should read it during the preparation phase. Why? It’s a fact that when you feel down and have a lack of energy during your relocation, you will not read a self-help book – you want a solution NOW!


What will you find in this book?

People who move, need to be prepared and ready to leave their comfort zone. We discuss all kind of issues you need to tackle or look at, I offer tools, share stories, interviews and help you to reflect with different exercises on your personal situation. This book will be your personal guide


What you will not find in this book is...

Tips and lists on how to organize your actual move from one country to another. This kind of information is too specific and will depend from where to where are you planning to move. You should check online and with your embassy.

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