Synopsis "film project- 2021"


Title: Tala Mosika - A Congolese village brought to life

Genre: Documentary film

Category: Social

Duration: 90 - 120min

Country of production: Switzerland/Liechtenstein

Language/Subtitles: French, Lingala, German, English

Locations: Switzerland, Village Selo & Campus Tala Mosika


A visit to our Tala Mosika centre will give you a comprehensive overall impression of what to do in an environment where people live in deep poverty, to give them hope and support for "helping them to help themselves to overcome this poverty". To analyze and define our goals, we have taken the 17 sustainable goals of the Agenda 2030 and will address them during our tour.


We have analyzed these goals together in our campus. We show what the situation was like 5 years ago, where we stand today and what we still want to achieve. But how can this work, if the families live in deepest poverty, if the basic supply could not be guaranteed up to now, if education is often a foreign word, and the next socket is 17km away? 


We are happy to take the audience on this journey of discovery, which we want to shoot in the summer of 2019 with facts, interviews, singing, humour, a lot of effort and a smile. The location is about 60km outside the capital Kinshasa, DRC in the village Selo, where our center is located. The film is supposed to emphasize the good in the people who have worked tirelessly, with a lot of strength and good will for a better future and fight for it. At the same time, the daily challenges are highlighted and show why it is so difficult to win the trust of the people living in poverty and how these people work together to make steady and patient progress in order to free themselves from the cycle of poverty. Slowly and with small steps.


Background information:  River of Hope is a non-profit association and was founded in 2010 in Buchs /SG. Without a cent, but with 46 kg of football material and two filled suitcases, we launched a football project in the Congo. Since the beginning of 2013, we have been able to build a complete infrastructure centre "Tala Mosika" in the village of Selo (outside Kinshasa) on a terrain of 4 hectares. In this village, just over 1,000 people live in absolute poverty. 


In the "Tala Mosika" centre we opened a primary and secondary school with vocational training and boarding school, where more than 330 pupils are now taught. The facility has a canteen, a sewing studio, a hospital ward and accommodation for the staff. There is also a football school and an agricultural programme for self-sufficiency. Although the school is now state-approved, we are unfortunately still waiting for the financial support promised by the state. With much effort, patience and a microeconomic approach we help the people to escape their poverty and give them a perspective for the future.



Claudia Doron, producer of this documentary film, founder and project manager of River of Hope, answers in this film questions like how development aid looks like in her case, why she founded a non-profit association without money and without having a specific project and then landed in Congo. In particular, she wants us to think about how each of us can work in some way for a better world by moving from thinking to action.


Director of the film is Afshin Izanlou, an independent filmmaker and cinema programmer at Filmclub im Takino -a CICAE member art house cinema- who lives and works in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. His first short film, Der Keller (The Cellar), has premiered in NRW competition program of 60th Oberhausen International Short Film Festival. Since 2017 he is an ARF/FDS member (The Association of Swiss Film Directors). He was also a CICAE-jury member at 67th Berlin Film Festival (Panorama, 2017) and 71st Cannes Film Festival (Director's Fortnight, 2018).