Working and living across borders


Global economy and the impact of cross-border working relationships concern Expats and their families, HR, team-leaders and local teams. With this event we focus individually on the three main group concerned "spouses - international employees - HR and team-leaders"

Opportunities and challenges especially here in the Rhine Valley and across boarders  


Event from 26 August, 2019 with 18 nationalities


Event in 2020 will be planned in June 2020



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Spouse Event 12:30pm - 3:30pm

The challenge of a spouse - boxes are unpacked, partner at work, kids at school - now what? Don’t pause, the moment has come to put your passion into action!


Partners of working expats find themselves dropped in a new country confronted with challenges on all angles. What has been your greatest challenge since moving here and how would you like this chapter in your life to be written.  





We spent an interesting afternoon at the "Setzchaschte" with Elevator Pitches, where women presented their businesses and our "Breakaway Topics" for Careers / Job Finding - with Jasmin Matt and Start/grow your own business - with Daniela Ospelt, Fiducia in Vaduz .


Thank you all for participating, supporting and making this event happen! Claudia Doron

Impressions from the spouse event in Grabs

Event fo English Speakers  7:30pm - 9:30pm 


The opportunities and challenges of living and working the Rhine Valley.

Having chosen to leave your home and start a brand-new life in the Rhine Valley surely provides excitement and the beginning of a new adventure. This step most probably comes with challenges and many unknows. Regardless of your personal circumstances, you are key to the success of this move.


It is your ability to adapt and blend that will set the tone for this new chapter. In this engaging, dynamic, and fun epm - presentation is given by Jake Doron who shares stories, personal experiences, hacks, and loads of insider tips that will help you feel better equipped for a smooth landing in our region, as well as shed some light on Switzerland’s unique history, culture, and business practices. 


Impressions from the Expat Event in Buchs

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TVO - The Ostschweizer Television will be present in the first part of this International Event.