Challenges of a Spouse

Write your best Chapter and put your passion into action!

“The challenge of a spouse”


Boxes are unpacked, partner is at work, kids at school - now what ?


The moment has come to put your passion into action!


Relocation is among the TOP-5 most stressful situations you can experience across a lifespan. Its more than physical exhaustion and logistics, it’s also about leaving places and loved once behind. You become invested, vulnerable and dependant. And certainly, do not mix up traveling with relocating!


TRAVELING is like an Appetizer

RELOCATION is like a pre-set 7 course menu, which is sometimes difficult to digest.


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Workshop "Trailing Spouses"


"Special" Kick-off Workshop in Buchs



Wednesday, 27 April, 2022

9 - 11am or at 7pm-9pm



Partners of working Expats find themselves dropped in a new country, confronted with challenges on all angles.

What has been your greatest challenge since moving here and how would you like this chapter in your life to be written.

For Trailing Spouses who are ready to write their best Chapter!

No matter what challenges you are facing right now, or what questions flowing into your head, I am offering you an interesting and challenging Package to:

  • Unblock your thoughts and reset your mind.
  • Look at your current situation and identify eventual roadblocks and how to overcome them.  
  • Brainstorm and explore ways to move forward into the right direction with your personal Road/Vision Map.
    • no matter if you like to take a course, study, looking for a job or get self-employed. Let's check together what are your options? I can help you to understand how things work and offer you the right local network to take the next step.



No matter what, changes require courage,

a positive attitude and sometimes someone that guides you through the journey

with a positive and inspiring attitude and solution focused approach.



  • Small groups (3-5 people)
    • If you can create your own group, contact me (Available dates for Workshop: 25.4 - 2.5)
  • Including: 
    • 2h Workshop incl. Road/Vision Map
    • 1h Personal Online Coaching Session can be booked until the end of May
    • Pre-Workshop Questionnaire
    • Reflecting Exercises
    • Useful Links and connection to my local network
    • Refreshments

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Clarity Session for Spouses

A clarity session 60 min.


Relocation Topics

Relocation is more then just finding a flat

  Part 1: You have decided to move with your family?

  • Preparing yourself and your family for the move
  • Understanding your own Cultural DNA is helping to understand your host country better.
  • Dealing with a new culture “tips and pitfalls”
  • Working Culture
  • Culture Shock and multi-lingual families - how you get through this challenging time.
  • Multi-lingual in early child hood

Part 2: You have settled in, now what?

  • Dealing with daily life issues
  • Where do I find what, and how do I get around?
  • Where I am in all of this?

Part 3: Your personal development "maybe its time to re-invent your self” but how?

  • Taking a course, study, looking for a job or get self-employed - what are your options?                                         
  • Understand the educational system and find out about further education, courses, etc...
  • How to create your network - what do you have to share? 

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Calling out to HR - Professionals

About the Challenge of a Spouse

For a successful relocation process, the partners of your employees are the key - and the number one reason for its failure. Let's not forget that most top qualified employees bring with them their qualified partners, who were used to work while the children are taken care of.  For this reason it is necessary to inform the arriving families in advance, and offer a matching support in order to ensure an ideal integration and prevent a culture shock. With this the relocation process will be a success for your company, and your employees will remain loyal to you. Personal coaching for spouses or workshops for your company, I support you and your team with tailor made solutions "based in Switzerland - active globally". 

Please note, an Expat Spouse the key for a successful Relocation.

A new beginning in a foreign country requires courage, a positive attitude, and a guiding hand through the journey. While some of the spouses find a job quite easily, others need to re-invent themselves, find unfulfilled goals, and think out of the box in order to make their stay an unforgettable experience rather than an ongoing nightmare. That’s where I come in. While your new staff members can fully focus on their job, I offer personal coaching sessions to their spouses. Living abroad can be a lonely, isolating experience sometimes. This is why I launched this coaching services and workshops for companies. It’s good to have someone who accompanies, motivates, encourages and sometimes challenges them on their journey so they can find their place as well – a win-win situation for everyone involved in this process.