Claudia's Art for a good cause

"10 Years Tala Mosika" 2012 - 2022 / River of Hope since 2010

The proceedings will be forwarded to our Center "Tala Mosika". We assure the basic needs  "Education & Medical Care" for our children.

Der Erlös geht ans Zentrum "Tala Mosika". Wir sichern die Grundrechte "Bildung & Gesundheit" für unsere Kinder.

Our story: My name is Claudia Doron, founder and project manager of River of Hope, a small NPO. Me and my team kicked-off the project in Congo in 2010 without a cent and 2 suitcases filled with 46kg of football material outside Kinshasa in DR Congo. 


In December 2012, we purchased in Selo, Kasangulu, Bas Congo, in the outskirts of Kinshasa, 4ha land. In Spring 2013 we could straight away start the construction of the center "Talal Mosika" thanks to all the sponsors and foundations. It is hard to believe that in fall 2015, just after 2 1/2 years we inaugurated our 7th building & 2 converted containers. In order to stimulate the local economy with a micro-economic approach and to achieve sustainability we needed to take many points into consideration: poverty, hunger, health, education, gender equality, clean water, renewable energy, economic growth, infrastructure, …Impressions: 


River of Hope’s founding was sparked by the work of Dr. Nathaniel Doron (Israel), a Holocaust Survivor, a former UN Official and Diplomat, and our Honorary President, who dedicated his life to fighting poverty, famine and AIDS across the globe. In his relentless engagement, he positively touched the lives of thousands of children and adults in the most needing parts of Africa, Asia & Latin America. He sadly passed away in July 2019 in Israel, but as he continues to inspire us with his smile, compassion and devotion to making this world a little better. 

Just some examples...

1 Neckless / Kette = min. NIS 100.- / CHF 30.-

All the necklaces come with a matching leather cord. / Zur Kette gibt es ein passendes Lederband. Material: Stones from the beach / Steine vom Strand

more will come.... es gibt bald mehr...