Hakuna Matata "no worries"

Self-Empowerment for Students

School Programs & Personal- and Online Coaching

"Tala Mosika"

"Look beyond" and learn how we started with no money a school project with the PEP-Approach in 2010 outside Kinshasa, DR Congo. Today we have a center which stands on 5 acres of land and runs on solar energy. We have over 500 students from grade 1-12 receive an education, are cared for in our health center and benefit from our soccer school.

Together we work on a fundraising event where all the funds go to 100% to the Center Tala Mosika.


Together strong:

It's great to show children how much you can be achieved together. 

  • I introduce the project to the class/school with pictures I took and my 20' Documentary film.
  • I will explain which help is useful, important and necessary and the class will decide together which project they would like to support.
  • We will discuss how they could do to raise money "brainstorming session".
  • Certain projects became a part of the class, "children write for children" other project can be organised after school or in the evening. Whatever is possible.
  • I will document with a Blog.
  • I will send 100% of the funds to the project to Congo and report back to the class within 3-4 month, so they see the result.

Mindful "First Aid"

Students identify with a mindful approach with their emotions and learn how to incorporate techniques into daily routines. The school can create a nurturing environment that promotes emotional intelligence and resilience.


"First Aid" tools & techniques will help them to deal with stress, anger, fear, panic, anxiety & co.


Get your toolbox:

The children find out what they can do to calm themselves down, control their emotions, deal with stress...

Points of You

Ice Breaker...

...with the tool Points of You allows people to get to know each other better in a playful way.


Story - Telling..

What a wonderful way to capture your child’s development! Kids who experience a problem can for once removed themselves and emotionally detached from it, gain insights and find a solution.


and more....

...for teams, parents, etc.


Expect the unexpected

"Points of You" will connect the dots and unleash your creativity!

Some Examples of projects I have done with schools

  • 7.November, 2023 "Film Event & Talk" with the IB Students of the International School Rheintal, Switzerland
  • Ongoing since years "Children collect for children" with the international school St.Georges, Switzerland (click)
  • "Children run for Children", Public School, Eglisau Switzerland, (2015) (click)
  • "Children write for Children",  with 4-6 graders from the Public School in Buchs, Switzerland ( 2012, 2014) (click)
  • "Kids write for kids" with 6 graders from the Public School in Buchs, Switzerland(2018) (click)