Recircle your Life

The idea behind "Recircle" is the process of making significant changes, embracing new opportunities, and transforming one's life.

"Recircle your life" is encouraging you to reevaluate your current circumstances, reconsider your goals and priorities, and make intentional changes to create a more fulfilling and meaningful life. It may involve reassessing relationships, career paths, personal habits, and overall lifestyle choices, but also to adapt to a new role like getting retired, becoming a grandparent or dealing with the life of an Expat. 

Reflect on one's life journey, make conscious choices, and take actions that lead to positive personal growth and development. It's your LIFE and you only have this ONE!


My name is Claudia and I find joy in being a catalyst for positive change, guiding women through transformative processes. My personal transformation inspired me to share my experience, knowledge and support women, regardless of age or life circumstances. It’s my genuine passion empowering women and helping them unlock their full potential. 

These workshops are crafted for those who are yearning for something beyond the usual. In moments of uncertainty, when the world feels marked by war, unemployment, and a host of challenges. Giving up is not an option. It's all about finding ways to rewrite the script, and crafting a future that resonates with who you truly are. Let's not just weather the storm;

let's reshape it, together."


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Workshops and Coaching's are available in Swiss German, German and English


A date with yourself

Don't find yourself - create yourself and expect the unexpected.

"When was the last time you seized the opportunity to pause, take a step back, and reflect on your life?


Often, we wait until a crisis hits, and navigating through stress or panic becomes challenging.


Prioritize self-compassion, recharge your batteries, and only then, when you're well and healthy, can you be strong and supportive for others. This is what we call 'ME-TIME.'


"Discover your deepest desires, identify the strengths required,

and recognize what needs to be released to achieve them.

The future is shaped by the decisions you make today."


So, ask yourself: If anything is possible, what would you do right now? Identify the barriers holding you back, consider what you need to invite into your life, and discern what you must let go of to initiate change. Step out of your comfort zone and sculpt yourself into the person you aspire to be." Enjoy the journey.


Career Pivot Workshop

Uncover your hidden potentials and go for the job you really want!

Embark on a transformative journey with our "Career Pivot Workshop," tailored for those seeking their next job, contemplating a career change, or returning to work after a break. 


Get a taste, and experience a

perspective-shifting session to explore possibilities, identify obstacles,

and chart your path forward. Whether you're contemplating leaving

your current job, recently lost employment, or are transitioning

back after a period of parental leave, this workshop is designed to help

you redefine success and discover the possibilities within.


Join us in this empowering workshop to break free from traditional career expectations and open your mind to new possibilities. Your next job might not just be a career move; it could be a transformative journey toward a fulfilling and purpose-driven professional life. Let's redefine success together!  

JAM - Session

For self-employed, start-uppers or groups who look to grow an idea or simply get inspired.

Ideas come and go all the time, but the unique ones appear when we least expect them. Our daily concerns often push away that spontaneity. Making space to immerse ourselves into an environment that stimulates our creativity is key.


The session is intended for you, the self-employed, start-upper, looking to grow an idea, or simply get inspired. Jam with others from different worlds, backgrounds, and share ideas, offer suggestions, ask questions, receive unexpected suggestions, discover new directions. 


Participants have the opportunity to present/introduce a concept, concern, idea etc… and receive feedback from other professionals who are at that very moment stepping away from their own world and diving-in with you in your own universe.


This is a safe, on-threatening, non-committal environment to try out new things. We will use a number of idea-generating techniques.

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"Let's get to know each other and see if I am the right coach to support you on your journey." 


I am just a "klick" away



Claudia, my mind is full of little windows that have been popping open all day, showing glimpses of intriguing paths to be followed, and it started when I met you - thank you 🌹🌹🌹 - Helen -


Claudia you are so professional and a unique champion worth every moment and every second to be listening and doing work together with you - Dganit Rimshon


Thank you,  enjoyed the workshop today. Very inspiring and I learnt a lot about how I need to change the way I look at myself. Was wonderful meeting you ❤ - Judy -


Thank you Claudia!   I see that I need to make a bigger commitment to get to know myself. thanks for  hosting "a date with ourselves. Thanks for getting me unSTUCK,  thanks. - Liz from Israel