Claudia's Art

I am 50+ and I am often ask, where do I take the energy from, for all my projects? Well, I have to tell you first, on how I tick....


I am a Multipotentialite, Troubler Shooter and Idea Bubbler. As such I am active since 2006 as a Coach & Relocation Expert, Author and Philanthropist with a Book, Photo & Film Project. Whatever I did since 2006, I built up myself the way its right for me and ask for support from specialists who guide me through the process and support me along the way. Authenticity is very important to me.


It's not always easy to be me, because my brain can hardly switch off but with meditation, yoga and my hobbies I succeed most of the time. I keep on challenging myself with the belief that all will turn out well and that's why I attract new projects and try out things I have no clue about it.


As a Life Coach, I know how important Mindfulness is when following my  EAGLES Approach© (see below). So first of all I make sure my clients have ways to to relax their minds, know the importance of breathing and taking a pause. Together we find out on how to find their personal work life balance while finding their passion, realising dreams, re-invent them selfs, and design a Road Map as a guidance. More about my Coaching (here).


A way for me to relax and calm down during the week is to paint, do yoga, go for a walk, take picture and listen to music. I also try on a regular basis to get out of my comfort zone and try to do things I have never done before. It' doesn't matter if it is baking a bread over the fire, start painting, cut wood, make my own little film, participate in a workshop, move abroad and more.  




E - Empower yourself and the people around you. Give them the tools, so they will make that extra mile for you.

A - Authenticity - gain a better understanding of how you became of who you are today and life the live you want.

G - GPS - or your inner self has to be activated, so that you can rely on yourself.

L - Learn get trained and/or coached to achieve  your personal and business goals. (more)

E - Enjoy a new experience and see what happens when you step out of your comfort zone to go new ways.

S - Serendipity - is activating your luck - see potential opportunities, capture them and connect the dots. (more)